therapy services

Your challenge may be very specific or it may be more general in nature. Here is a list of some of the issues that can be addressed and respond well to therapy services:





Couples Counseling


Divorce Grief / Recovery

Dysfunctional Relationship


Grief Recovery

History of Abuse or Neglect

Military Families

Premarital Counseling


Self Esteem

Senior Life Changes

Substance Abuse

Suicide Survivors


Violence Exposure

The Second Community Health Family Counseling Education Center has been developed to provide prevention and intervention services for individuals, families, and groups to assist with mental, emotional, and physical wellness. We provide ongoing assessments and will refer you to appropriate services as needed.

Educational groups and Therapy groups are available upon request. Group Sessions are available for Women, Children and Adults with issues such as parenting, kids, drugs and depression. Other topics welcome as well, Contact Us Today!

Our community involvement also includes Critical Incident Interventions and Wellness programs. School and business contracts welcome. Students preparing for the MSW degree or professionals needing supervision for the LISW are also welcome.

We’re Committed to Your Success!