About Us

Ronald Ferguson  LISW, ACSW


Hi I am Ron Ferguson, MSW, LISW, ACSW. I help people experiencing anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, social phobia, shyness, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, being overly fearful, not able to concentrate and those individuals with severe and persistent mental health disorders.

I have special interests and experience with mindfulness meditation, bipolar disorders and depression, personality issues including borderline personality and adjustment disorders, as well as mood swings, life change issues and loss.


Barbara Hanley  Ph.D., MPH, LISW-S, ACSW


Hi, I am Barbara Hanley Ph.D., MPH, LISW-S, ACSW. I am the owner of the 2nd CHFCEC.

I am a retired field Associate Professor of Pediatrics from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. This practice is my retirement project, with the goal to provide a small community program to help individuals and families with the everyday issues that can cause stress, depression, anxiety, other physical symptoms and dysfunctional behaviors.

My special interests and experiences focus on family development, after the baby blues, parenting (children, tweens and teens) learning and behavior issues, chronic illness and disabilities.

Carol Parker MSN, FNP


Hi, I am Carol Parker, MSN, FNP and I love what I do. I love to make a difference and see both the short term and long term permanent changes that a variety of interventions provide.

I do assessments, interventions, treatments and follow-up for symptoms related to stress, emotional issues, and lifestyle adjustments for children and families. A large part of my success can be traced to the fact that I promote well- being and provide quality health care through the use of evidence-based practices.


Rose Marie Pryor MSW, LISW-S


Hi, I am Rose Marie Pryor, MSW, LISW-S. I am a clinical social worker with over twenty years experience. We each have a responsibility and the ability to contribute to humanity. I choose to do so by providing the service of psychotherapy.

I work with both individuals and groups. I like to say I can work with anyone but I am especially skilled in the areas of domestic violence, women’s issues, cultural diversity, LGBT, substance abuse and veteran affairs. I see each individual with unique qualities and traits. I believe in working with each client based on where the client is emotionally. Together we will identify and work through the challenges and barriers that are blocking your success. I look forward to working with you.

Crysta Fletcher MSW, LISW

CrystaHi , I am Crysta Fletcher MSW, LISW. I provide quality therapeutic services to individuals, couples and families ,to meet your needs with dignity and respect. I know it can be difficult to meet a new person and share your thoughts and feelings with them, however I will do my best to make you feel safe, comfortable and accepted. In my eight years providing clinical therapies, my primary focus has been on children and adolescents , as I have a passion for working with this population.

I have experience treating mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, behavior disorders, adjustment disorders, post- traumatic stress disorders, developmental disorders and autism. I help people work on anger management, building social skills, coping with stress, improving relationships and adjustments to major life changes such as divorce, adoption and loss.

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